Canadian Social Research Links

Website contains hundreds of links categorized by theme, geographical location and government jurisdiction. Excellent source for social policy research. Includes links to research tools and current resources on topical social policy issues.

Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development
The mission of the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) is to improve knowledge of the social and emotional development of young children. Its mandate is to foster the dissemination of scientific knowledge on the social and emotional development of young children, and the policies and services that influence this development. Website includes the CEECD’s Bulletins and Encyclopedia; both provide information about issues in early childhood development. Website also features a searchable directory of Canadian researchers. Content is available in English and French.

Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development
Website developed by the Offord Centre for Child Studies provides information on how to identify, prevent and treat social, emotional, behavioral and learning problems that impede the healthy development of children. This site publishes plain language summaries of current and relevant research along with expert opinion on what works and what doesn’t to improve children's mental health.

Child Care and Early Education Research Connections
Child Care and Early Education Research Connections (CCEERC) promotes research in child care and early education and the use of research in policy making. CCEERC makes research accessible to researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The collection available includes: research reports and summaries; datasets and statistics; and data collection instruments. CCEERC also offers guidance about research methods and research quality, and provides information on public policies.

Child Rights Information Network
CRIN contains references to hundreds of reports, recent news and upcoming events, as well as details of organisations working worldwide for children. Website provides links publications and NGO reports submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Clearinghouse on International Developments in Child, Youth, and Family Policies (Institute for Child and Family Policy, Columbia University)
Clearinghouse addressed primarily to US users on international developments in child, youth, and family policies in industrial societies -- initially concentrating on Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Early Childhood Education
Resource for students interested in pursuing an early childhood education, providing raw facts and statistics, personal experiences and advice regarding early childhood education and working as an early childhood education professional. Provides a Childcare resources page too.

Early Head Start National Resource Center
EHS works in partnership with infant/toddler specialists to ensure that Early Head Start programs have information on a range of topics and training on "best practices".

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
ERIC is a national information system designed to provide users with resources and information on education. Its extensive collection contains more than one million records of journal articles, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers, and books. Contains a wealth of information for those interested in ECEC research.

Gerrard Resource Centre (GRC)

The GRC is a leader in promoting the well-being of families and children through the provision of direct service and through information-sharing. The website links to news, publications, upcoming events, and resources that support parents, caregivers, early childhood and family supports professionals, policymakers, researchers, and students in their roles as facilitators and advocates for child and family well-being. The GRC also publishes a monthly e-bulletin for professionals, policymakers, and researchers that highlights additions to the GRC website.

National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center
NCCIC is a project of the Child Care Bureau and is a national resource that links information and people to complement, enhance, and promote the child care delivery system, working to ensure that all children and families have access to high-quality comprehensive services. Website contains vast amount of resources and information, including an online library, resource lists, links, searchable database, state profiles and more.

Nursery World
Nursery World is the UK's leading publication for practitioners and decision-makers across the early years education and childcare sectors.

Policy Library
Policy Library is a social, economic and foreign policy resource. The site offers links to print and online research and resources from social policy think tanks, academic institutes and other research facilities (in continental Europe, North America and Australia.) This url directs you to the section on child and family policy issues.