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Canadian Policy Research Networks

NOTE: CPRN has now closed, but their website currently still provides an archive of their research. Research categorized into four categories: health, work, family and corporate projects. Links to hundreds of reports and studies on social policy. Content available in French.

Centre for Families, Work and Well-being, University of Guelph
CFWW is committed to using its research and teaching expertise to promote individual and family well-being, responsive and productive work environments, and strong, sustainable communities. Website provides research and statistics on work and well-being, as well as links to other relevant sites. Link to the landmark study "You Bet I Care" onsite.
This is the website of Dr. Gordon Cleveland, an economics professor at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. The website provides economic research papers on early childhood education and care, including studies examining the issue of auspice in ECEC.

Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships
An ongoing program of community-university research contributing to knowledge about conditions affecting health and development of Indigenous children in Canada and around the world.

First Nations Partnerships Programs, University of Victoria
Program of training that strengthens capacity within cultural communities to create and operate services for children, youth, and families. It is a university accredited program with the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.

Institute for Research on Public Policy
IRPP researches public policy issues and options in Canada, including some material on child care policy. Website links to other research institutes in Canada and worldwide. Content available in French.

Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Canada
Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Canada is a forum for early childhood educators, university and college instructors, advocates and researchers interested in alternative perspectives on research, theory, practice and policy in the Canadian early childhood education field. Alternative perspectives may focus on qualitative research methods, feminism, social justice, political action, social inclusion, cultural and linguistic diversity. Forum activities will potentially include a list serve for discussions and announcements, publications and a summer institute. Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Canada will be informally linked to an international Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Group. Please contact Rachel Langford, Centre for Early Childhood Development, George Brown college, 416 415-5000 extension 2566

The CHILD (Consortium for Health Intervention, Learning and Development) project
CHILD, the Consortium for Health, Intervention, Learning and Development, is a team of academic researchers and community professionals from across BC. The CHILD project consists of 10 interdisciplinary studies. One of the focus areas is the policy context for early child development, which includes a study of child care policy. The child care policy project examines a broad range of legislation that affects the quality, accessibility and affordability of regulated child care programs in the province. The study analyzes the effects of policy changes to the child care subsidy system, operating grants, the system of child care resource and referral programs, caregiver training programs and child care services for children with extra support needs.

Unit for Child Care Research and Professional Development
The Unit for Child Care Research and Professional Development (UCCR) located within the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria was created in the early 1990s to provide services and resources to organizations, agencies, individuals, communities and governments in the areas of early childhood care and education and the delivery of service to children and families.