Social policy/child organizations - Canadian

Caledon Institute of Social Policy

The Caledon Institute seeks to foster public debate on poverty and social policy through quality research and analysis. Its work deals with poverty and other social and economic inequalities, income security, taxation, social spending, employment development services, social services and health. This website provides links to publications and research projects.

Campaign 2000
Campaign 2000 is a cross-Canada public education movement to build Canadian awareness and support for the 1989 all-party House of Commons resolution to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. Publishes research on the indicators of child poverty and develops public education resources. Website provides links to research, publications, child advocacy, and conference and events information. Content available in French.

Canadian Associaiton of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada)
FRP Canada is a national association providing leadership, consultation and resources to family resource programs and related services. Its mission is to provide leadership to advance social policy, research, resource development and training for those who enhance the capacity of families to raise their children. Website provides links to its national directory, projects, position papers, and other publications. Content available in French.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
CCPA undertakes and promotes research on issues of social and economic justice. It produces research reports, books, opinion pieces, fact sheets and other publications. Many materials available online.

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children
CCRC is dedicated to the promotion and protection of children's rights in Canada and abroad. Monitors the implementaion of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and World Summit for Children Declaration. Links to other children's rights organizations. Selected content available in French.

Canadian Council on Social Development
CCSD is a non-profit social policy and research organization focusing on issues such as poverty, social inclusion, disability, cultural diversity, child well-being, employment and housing. Website contains links on research focusing on income security, employment, poverty, child welfare, pensions and government social policies. Content available in French.

Canadian Institute of Child Health
CICH's mission in child and family health involves working with governments to make sure the right kind of policies are developed; working with professionals and educators to equip them with the best in research and programs; and reaching out to families to help with the crucial task of nurturing, protecting, educating, and empowering children. Website contains information on publications and resources primarily for parents and health professionals dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children. Content available in French.

Canadian Network for Leadership in Education and Early Learning & Care
The network seeks to provide a forum for respectful dialogue and collaboration between the sectors of education and early learning & care.

Canadian Research Institute for Advancement of Women
CRIAW is a national, not-for-profit organization committed to advancing women’s equality through research. Site includes English and French research and resources about women's issues in Canada.

Centre for Social Justice
CSJ conducts original research, produces training programs, and publishes reports and educational materials on social and economic issues. Website provides publications and information on conferences and events.

Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians is a watchdog organization concerned with safeguarding social programs and promoting economic justice, renewing democracy. Website provides information on advocacy and action. Content available in French.

Early Childhood Working Group of the Canadian Coalition for Immigrant Children and Youth
A site for connection, collaboration and action on behalf of very young immigrant children, birth to age eight, and their parents.

Family Service Canada
FSC’s mission is to promote families as the primary source of nurture and development of individuals, to promote quality services which strengthen families and communities and to advocate policies and legislation which advance family well-being in Canada. Website contains information on family education, publication resources, and upcoming conferences and events. Content is also available in French.

First Call British Columbia
First Call promotes advocacy, economic justice, quality and community-based services, and child-friendly communities for children and youth. Website provides news releases, reports, and campaigns related to child poverty.

Invest in Kids Foundation
Invest in Kids is a "national, charitable organization aimed at promoting the healthy social, emotional and intellectual development of children aged zero to five." Its research, public awareness and education and professional education initiatives focus on strengthening the parenting skills, knowledge and confidence of Canadians to promote healthy child development.

National Children's Alliance
NCA is a group of more than two dozen national organizations with an interest in the well-being of children and youth. It was established to promote the National Children's Agenda initiative by the federal and provincial governments. Website contains links to discussion papers, position papers, reports and newsletters. Content available in French.

Vanier Institute of the Family
VIF's goal is to build public understanding of important issues and trends critical to the well-being and healthy functioning of Canadian families. Website links to reports, the magazine Transition, and various resources with a focus on children and families. Content available in French.

Voices for Children
Voices for children is a not-for-profit leadership organization promoting healthy lives for children and their families. Website provides publications, and on-line information regarding quality, accessibility and development of child care.