Upcoming Special Issue of The Philantropist to Feature NACY

The Philanthropist has partnered with the National Alliance for Children and Youth (NACY) on a Special Issue that will release the findings from its Taking Stock Project. Beginning November 2014, The Philanthropist will do a staggered release of this Special Issue with three articles that focus on the changing and diverse needs of children, youth, and families across Canada, and the opportunities for collaborative strategies:

  • Action Framework for Children and Youth in Canada
  • Taking Stock: How Canadian Children and Youth Agencies are Responding to Economic Challenges
  • Moving Forward - Challenges Faced by Child and Youth Serving Agencies in Canada

This Special Issue supports a collective and collaborative approach in promoting the health and well-being of children and youth in Canada, with the hope of mobilizing consensus for further action on issues that affect us all.

In advance of this release we encourage you to read a past Special Issue, Youth and the Future of Philanthropy (Vol 25, Issue 2, 2013), guest edited by Irwin Elman & Fred Mathews: 

"We hope readers will find food for discussion and many practical ideas in the pages of this special edition of The Philanthropist. More importantly, we hope that the voices of the young people who shared their thoughts, insights, ideas and experiences will reach a receptive audience open to bridging the generations to create a more open, vibrant, relevant, and inclusive philanthropy sector."