Recent Activities


Some of our recent activities include: NACY’s website,, provides visitors with information and access to resources relevant to sector participants.  To enhance the help we can offer the sector, in 2010 NACY created SuperSearch, a search engine that enables users to search through child and youth sector and other relevant websites using just one central search engine. It is a one-stop solution to search for useful information and resources on issues that impact (or are relevant to) the sector specifically and the nonprofit world in general. Use of SuperSearch is open to everyone. Since 2008 NACY has produced the popular monthly e-Digestfull of important events, initiatives and policy work being done by the many great organizations in the child and youth sector. These bulletins continue to help feed our network with timely information and ideas. More than 1300 organizations subscribe to this free publication. Since early 2010, we have been bringing together leaders of the sector to share information and concerns under a major multi-year project funded by HRSDC “Taking Stock: Supporting Canadian Child and Youth Agencies during Economic Downturn”. As part of this project, NACY has hosted think tanks in Ottawa and Halifax, with another scheduled for Vancouver to bring together sector leaders to share knowledge and experience, and to provide guidance and advice on how to survive and grow during challenging times and how to better collaborate and share information on issues facing the child and youth a sector. By the end of this project, we will have hosted three think tanks and captured at least 15 case studies of organizations that have found innovative ways to succeed during these challenging times. Also as part of Taking Stock, in 2010 NACY conducted an initial Survey on the Economic Impact to understand how the economic turmoil of 2008-2009 has affected the organizations we work with and to determine how we can best support our member agencies as we move forward. In 2011/2012, NACY has partner with Imagine Canada on the Sector Monitor, surveying the child and youth sector via NACY’s networks, in efforts to gather data on the health and vitality of this section of the nonprofit world on an ongoing basis. NACY`s Middle Childhood Initative was aimed at identifying and promoting comprehensive policy options for school-aged children 6 to 12 and their families. Work on this project included: (a) an analytical/literature review on the healthy development of children aged 6 to 12; (b) a set of comprehensive pan-Canadian Policy Consultations to discuss our research and findings, identify emerging issues, and develop policy initiatives unique to children 6 to 12 and their families; (c) a National Learning Summit to share results of this project with a wide variety of stakeholders.