Wisdom2Action Youth Engagement: Sharing What Works

Wisdom2Action (W2A) is partnering with the National Alliance for Children and Youth (NACY) to facilitate a national conversation with youth and the youth serving sector that serves them about youth engagement. Youth engagement is about empowering all young people as valuable partners in addressing and making decisions about issues that affect them personally and/or that they believe to be important.

May 15th – 16th, 2018
YMCA Auditorium, 20 Grosvenor Street, Toronto 

Wisdom2Action (W2A): Reconciliation 150 & Youth

Wisdom2Action (formerly known as the Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Network) is bringing youth together to discuss how to mobilize for reconciliation and share promising practices for youth working together to promote well being. The event will be held in Toronto on October 14, 2017Register here

UNICEF: Canada’s One Youth Survey

One Youth is a movement of children, young people and adults who want the best possible opportunities for every young person in Canada. UNICEF wants to hear your thoughts about what growing up in Canada is like and how it could be better. All people living in Canada are welcome. Take the survey

PREVnet 9th Annual Conference

Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVnet)’s annual conference will take place November 15 to 17, 2017 in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Canadians will join PREVNet's expert researchers, youth-serving organizations, practitioners and educators to promote the well-being of children. Venue, agenda and workshops are available on the official website.

Children First Canada: National Youth Summit

Young people from across Canada will gather on November 21, 2017 and November 22, 2017 in Ottawa to consider the views from other young people from across the country, as well as connect with young leaders, leaders of children’s charities, corporations, government and the media. This will be a highly participatory experience that will result in young people finalizing and presenting the Children’s Charter. Nominations are now being accepted for this event.