Membership in NACY is open to any organization that supports children, youth and families in Canada.  NACY provides research, resources, leadership and vision to mobilize organizations to collective action, building on shared knowledge, concerns and pooled resources. As a member of NACY, you can:

  • Add your voice to a national debate about the issues facing children and youth that matter,
  • Communicate with organizations across Canada and exchange information, ideas and learnings with peers from coast to coast,
  • Join in discussion and debate as we look to frame a new policy agenda for children and youth in Canada,
  • Support the work and issues of organizations like yours from every part of Canada,
  • Share in the opportunities to network and participate in NACY projects and activities.

Membership Fees

There is an annual fee for NACY membership. These funds are used to support the day-to-day operations of NACY, including maintaining our website and the publication of the NACY e-digest.  Major projects have been funded through multi-year grants.  In addition, NACY benefits from the generous contributions of in-kind resources, time and expertise of members of the Board of Directors and other volunteers.

Annual membership fee (based on gross annual revenues from all sources):

  • Over $1 million – $225
  • $500,000 to $1 million – $150
  • $100,00 to $500,000 – $100
  • Under $100,000 – $50

Donations: Friends of NACY circle – minimum donation of $25

Membership Form

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Laura Kathler – Membership Services Coordinator

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