Useful Websites


In this section you will find a selection of websites relevant to children and youth. These websites have been chosen because they provide useful information, because they offer links to organizations that are frequently sought or because they serve as valuable tools in research. Should you wish to include an organization, please don’t hesitate to contact


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Government links to Canadian, American and other international governments. Included in the Canadian section are links either to the provincial offices responsible for child care or to the larger department under which child care falls.

Child Care Organizations links to Canada-wide, provincial, Aboriginal and American early childhood education and care organizations. The international section features links to sites with extensive information about ECEC policies in different countries – an indispensable tool for comparative research.

Social Policy / Child Organizations links to non-governmental organizations focused on social policy or children’s issues. In addition to dealing with other pressing social policy concerns, these groups may also have noteworthy information about ECEC..

Research Centres – links to research facilities (usually university-based) concerned with important ECEC or social policy issues. These academic centres provide valuable research and other information resources.

Clearinghouses links to websites that collect and organize an enormous amount of useful information. These websites are excellent tools for research. For example, Canadian Social Research Links compiles and organizes hundreds of links based on topics from a variety of sources – a great resource for social policy research.

Periodicals links to online magazines, newsletters and journals relevant to ECEC policy. Some are available as full-text while others have abstracts only (the description field will indicate the type of availability).