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NACY’s SuperSearch? What is it? NACY’s new SuperSearch website feature is a search engine custom built to find information related to the Child and Youth sector in Canada, through one central site. Using key words, SuperSearch will not only search NACY’s website, but also the websites of each of NACY’s partner organizations who choose to participate in SuperSearch. NACY’s website acts as a central site to allow the general public to search for research, reports, resources, documents, blog posts, articles, and best practices as it related to children and youth from across Canada.


NACY’s SuperSearch – Why use it? Other search engines comb the entire Internet, identifying lengthy pages of results which may not relate to the children and youth sector in Canada. NACY’s SuperSearch has been built BY sector leaders, FOR sector members and the general public to capture results from NACY’s partner organizations from across Canada. One central site, focused on one sector, across one country. Only partner websites relating to the child and youth sector will become part of SuperSearch.


NACY’s SuperSearch – Which sites will it search? NACY’s SuperSearch is built to only search for information from qualified and credible websites. To ensure this standard, only NACY partner organizations and select government sites can choose to link their website to NACY’s SuperSearch. Want your website included? Click here to sign up your website >


NACY’s SuperSearch – How do I use it? Simply login to and find the SuperSearch feature on our home page. Enter the key word(s) you are interested in searching. Click “Search”. Yes, it’s that simple.


NACY’s Supersearch – How can I link my website to it? To include your website in the SuperSearch, simply fill out the application found HERE. NACY will review your application and site, and upon approval, add it to list of sites searched by SuperSearch.


How is my organization and its website’s privacy protected? NACY does not gather any private information through the SuperSearch application. The SuperSearch only indexes publicly available pages from your website, much in the same way Google does. Therefore, no private pages or information from your website will ever show up in the search.