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After years of political instability, the national policy dialogue on children and youth has been seriously diminished.  The last significant policy document, A Canada Fit for Childrenwas published in 2004 and desperately requires updating. With a stable majority government in place for the next five years, the time is right to get children and youth back on the agenda and have the kind of policy discussion that will define their place in our society. Canada is at a crossroads. Mounting social and economic pressures – financial pressures on families, growing inequity, aging population, youth employment issues, fiscal pressures on governments, etc. – exacerbated by unclear public spending priorities, make it imperative we seize the opportunity of that stable government to ensure we have the debate and discussion needed to support our children and youth.   In addition, we are on the eve of negotiations of the Federal transfers for health and social programs. The result of those negotiations will have far-reaching impact on the future of our children and youth. Thus, we are at the intersection of a lack of clear consensus of what is needed, negotiations on big money transfers and an apparent lack of priority on children and youth. As a member of NACY, you have the opportunity to help us ensure that children and youth are not forgotten and that NACY can leverage its unique role and cross-sectoral vantage point within the child and youth sector to facilitate the kind of debate and discussion that will create the Canada for our children and youth we all envision.  Together we are stronger.  Together we will be heard.