Connecting the Sector:


Becoming a Presenter

Step 1: Come up with a presentation, workshop, panel, and/or training opportunity

Step 2: Identify which theme your session falls under.

Step 3: Fill out the Presenter Application – NACY 2022_Call for Content Application

Step 4: Send your presenter application to by Friday February 18th, 2022

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Note: NACY 2022 Conference will be taking place at the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Toronto


DAY 1: Youth Engagement

How we engage with young people has changed. What have you learned in the past two years? How are you amplifying the voices of young people?

Day 2: Sector Sustainability

In order to take care of the young people in our programs we must take care of ourselves. This day will focus on ensuring service providers have the training and tools that can help prevent burnout and/or compassion fatigue and support staff retention.

Day 3: Inspiring Innovation – A Bright Future for the Sector

As we move forward and reflect on the learnings of the past, what will we keep? What will we let go of? Today we will strive to inspire hope into the sector by dreaming big and envisioning a Canada where or organizations are not simply surviving, but thriving, because when we thrive, the door opens wider for the young people we serve.